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Physicians by Specialty

Medical Oncology / Hematology-Oncology
(all our Medical Oncologists are dual Board-certified experts in treating all common tumor types with additional expertise in the areas listed below)  

Georges Azzi, MD - Bladder, Head and Neck, Prostate, Sarcoma (resection)

David Drew, MD - Lung Cancer, Benign and Malignant Hematology 
Delia Constanza Guaqueta, MD - Breast and GYN oncology (endometrial, ovarian, peritoneal etc.), benign and malignant hematology, cancer genetics  

Z. Ena Segota, MD - Breast, GYN, Lymphoma 
Leonard Seigel, MD, FACP - Breast

Michel Velez, MD
-  GI/GU, Head and Neck, Prostate    

Cancer Surgery  

Joseph Casey, MD 

Colon, Rectal and Anal 
Abhijit Basu, MD  
Elie Schochet, MD

Complex General  (Esophageal, Gastric, Pancreatic, Liver, Bile Duct, Intestinal, Skin Cancers & Sarcoma) 
Omar Rashid , MD, JD, FACS 

Irving David, MD 

Prostate, Bladder, Kidney Cancer 
Ishai Ross, MD  

Radiation Oncology

Lav Goyal, MD - Prostate, General
Vivek Patel, MD   


Emad Abuhamda, MD - Gastroenterology, Digestive tract disorders, Esophageal disorders, Small bowel and Colon diseases, Endoscopic ultrasound 
Patrick Amar, MD - Gastroenterology, Hepatology

Lung / Pulmonology

Daniel Heller, MD
Semaan "Sam" Kosseifi, MD
Ronald Scott, MD, FCCP 
Frank Sorhage, MD
Douglas Whitmore, MD


Ali Jourabchi Ghods, MD  

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