Patient Testimonials: Michael and Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center

What Our Patients Have to Say

"Sloane, Bonnie and Joe helped me when I broke down and couldn’t stop crying. Michelle, Dr. Grosman, Lisa, JoAnn, Maggie, Dr. Kaplan, Dr. Rubinson and Dr. Lingamurthy all consistently provided above and beyond compassion and professional behavior. Dr. Bernstein and her nurse Silvie discovered my lump, promptly sent me to Dr. Kaplan, who referred me to Dr. Rubinson. My swift treatment alleviated my panic and began the process to make me well. Love and prayers for all my team. My dream team – Sloane, Joe and Bonnie – met me at my worst, they held me close emotionally, picked me up when I fell from fear. Here I am now. Thanks, thanks!"

"All the therapists in Accelerator #3. I could not be more pleased with the service provided by Dr. Goyal and his whole team. Thank you again for everything."

"All my therapists were exceptional, including the students in training. It’s an excellent facility in all aspects. It was very worth the drive up from Miami: 1 hour and 15 minutes, from Monday through Friday, for two and a half months, every morning. Congratulations! We would recommend over any of the centers in Miami…Thank you."

"JoAnn, Sloane, Camille – just keep doing what you are doing! Great!"

"As a caregiver, I appreciated that the patient was taken on time and the friendliness that was shown to me."

"My stay was short, only ten treatments; however, the whole staff was so efficient and pleasant that I feel I’ve known all these new friends for a long time. Continue the good work! It’s appreciated."

"I have nothing but glowing and positive comments regarding the care that I received from Holy Cross. To me, there is no other facility that I would entrust my life with! From the day that I first met Dr. Patrick Amar and his caring and supportive staff, to meeting Dr. Christina Gomez and her caring and dedicated staff, I knew that I was where I should be. The first day that I met Dr. Gomez, I knew that I had found "my" doctor. She is just brilliant. She was compassionate, caring, and very passionate about her work and her patients. She and the fantastic Cathy Baranski, RN, explained in great detail my treatment plan and what to expect. They put my mind at ease! My family and I felt very comfortable with Dr. Gomez, Cathy and Marjorie. In fact, we fell in love with them and with the entire Cancer Center.

Chemotherapy is tough but I have to tell you that all I ever felt at the Cancer Center was love and support. Just walking through the doors put a smile on my face as I knew I was with people who cared about me. All of my nurses were so caring and supportive! I love all of them: Sylvia, Cathy, Pat, Loren, Patricia, Kathy, Lynn, plus the administrative staff, Brandi, and Bonnie. They kept my spirits up and were so encouraging every step of the way. I feel very blessed to have had the level of care that Holy Cross afforded me. I feel that I have made life long relationships with Dr. Gomez and Dr. Amar and their wonderful staffs.  I know that I would not be here today if it were not for them. I am so thankful to all of them."

"Entire staff, administration, doctors and nurses – it hardly needs any improvement, so I suggest the entire staff keep the same level of service, empathy and professionalism."

"For a very difficult procedure, both Sloane and Bonnie made the experience much better than expected. They were compassionate, competent, caring, helpful and extremely wonderful. They couldn’t have done more if it had been their very own mother who was being treated. They should be recognized for their excellent service."

"Dr. Drew and Staff, Dr. Goyal, Sloane, Camille – everybody was absolutely wonderful and caring. I feel so fortunate to have such capable and loving people involved with the process of curing me. Thank you, thank you."

"Camille was there every day for me. I really appreciated how she walked and talked me through everything. I was pretty scared. The scanning was the scariest and she helped me right through it. Lisa was another therapist we like. She explained everything…thanks to all."

"I feel compelled to commend Holy Cross Hospital and the Holy Cross Medical Group for the pleasant spaces and nice ambiance. When a person is sick and has to undergo treatment, it helps to be in a nice environment with a warm and friendly staff. Every room I entered at the hospital was furnished with a cross. This helped tremendously. I only had to think of the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us and how, therefore, could I be discouraged?"