Lung Cancer / Thoracic Oncology

Thoracic Oncology Program 

Conditions treated: Lung Cancer, Thymic Cancer, Mesothelioma 

Lung Navigator:  954-351-LUNG 

MD on Call: 954-267-7742 (954-BOSS-PGA) 

Our Lung program is designed to evaluate patients with a known lung cancer diagnosis of any stage (suspicious pulmonary nodules or pathologically confirmed lung cancer). We are committed to a team approach, working together to provide the most efficient and comprehensive care.

We provide:

• Comprehensive evaluation by our multidisciplinary team with
   experience in all aspects of lung cancer care (medical oncology,
   radiation oncology, thoracic surgery, pathology and radiology)
• Expertise of a multidisciplinary oncology team for consensus on 
   treatment decisions
• Discussion of the team's recommendations with you, your
   family and referring physicians
• State-of-the-art standard and investigational therapies
• Report to and input from referring physicians

We Assess, Diagnose, Treat and Eradicate Cancer in the earliest stages of cancer

  • Assessment: Patient fills out Medical History and Lung Screening Survey, Physician and patient review history information and patients medical exam, Physician orders Low-Dose Lung CT, labs, biopsy, if applicable.
  • Diagnosis: Radiologist evaluates Low-Dose CT  image, decision regarding next step is brought to Tumor Board Conference.  Nurse Lung Navigator contacts patient, informs ordering Physician, arranges appointments for tests and with the Physician Specialist, initiates next stage of treatment.
  • Treatment: Patient visits individual Physician Specialists' Clinic for consultation or testing in a streamlined sequence coordinated by lung navigator.  Patient is intimately involved in their care with other Medical Team members.

  • Eradication: If cancer is found early enough and treated; our goal is to have cancer free patients.         

For more information and to make an appointment, contact our Lung Navigator at 954-351-LUNG.

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Meet Your Lead Thoracic Oncology Team Members


David Drew, MD 

Physician Members 

Michel Velez, MD 

Georges Azzi, MD 

Radiation Oncologists

Lav Goyal, MD, MBA 

Vivek Patel, MD

Lung Navigator

Berta Martos-Alberico, RN