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Disease-Specific Multidisciplinary Clinics

Our multidisciplinary, team approach contributes to the strength, quality and convenience of our disease-specific clinics. We are proud to have one of the best cancer teams in South Florida. Our team is made up of a diverse group of health care professionals who are dedicated to supporting you and helping you win your fight against cancer. Our cancer team includes: medical oncology, radiation oncology, breast surgery, prostate cancer surgery, pathology, thoracic surgery, cardiology, radiology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, breast health navigator, social work, research nurses, oncology nurses and spiritual care.

What is a multidisciplinary disease specific clinic?

A cancer diagnosis brings overwhelming emotions and life-changing decisions. What physician appointments do you have to make? What are your treatment options? What changes should you expect in your life? At the Michael and Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center, you meet with all of your physicians and healthcare providers - who will help you in your journey - all in one setting.

Our Disease-Specific Clinics

Breast Cancer Clinic

Our Breast Cancer Clinic allows breast cancer patients to receive timely treatment and counsel. The doctors discuss the patients' cases in conference with other medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists and breast radiologists together in one room. The research nurse specialist informs the physicians about clinical trials for which the patients may be candidates. Together, the team determines the plan of care, and that individualized plan is communicated to each patient. Patients and their caregivers also meet with the oncology social worker to review the services and support available to patients, including the new patient packet and our resource library. Patients are given a tour of the Cancer Center and information on available support groups and programs.

The Michael and Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center at Holy Cross Hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. For more information or to make an appointment with our Breast Cancer Clinic, call 954-492-5764.

Prostate Cancer Clinic

Our Prostate Cancer Clinic is a nationally accredited, comprehensive program dedicated to giving our patients the most complete treatment for the best possible outcomes. We've matched up South Florida's top prostate cancer surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists with social workers, nutritionists and spiritual caregivers to give you everything you need for your fight. We also offer numerous clinical trials that provide investigational therapies which we hope will help in the fight against cancer. For more information or to make an appointment with our Prostate Cancer Clinic, call 954-267-7700.

Lung Cancer Clinic

The Lung Clinic is designed to evaluate patients with a known lung cancer diagnosis of any stage (suspicious pulmonary nodules or pathologically confirmed lung cancer). We are committed to a team approach, working together to provide the most efficient and comprehensive care.

Patients do not have to worry about making several appointments with various physician specialists in order to obtain a management plan for their treatment. Patients can attend a single session and obtain a comprehensive evaluation from multiple lung cancer specialists. In one setting, we provide:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by our multidisciplinary team with experience in all aspects of lung cancer care (medical and radiation oncology, thoracic surgery, pathology and radiology).
  • Expertise of a multidisciplinary oncology team for consensus treatment decisions.
  • Discussion of the team's recommendations with the patient, family and referring physicians.
  • State-of-the-art standard and investigational therapies.
  • Report to and input from referring physicians

Every Monday afternoon, patients attend the initial evaluation by our team. On Tuesday afternoon, our oncology team will attend a conference, during which the patient's case is presented, and an individualized management plan is formulated. The team's recommendations are then dicussed with the patient, family and the referring physicians.

For more information and to make an appointment with our Clinic, contact our Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Clinic coordinators (Jorge Adames, PA, RN, BSN and Eileen Georgi, RN, BSN) at 954-351-LUNG.

Cardio-Oncology Clinic

The Cardio-Oncology Clinic, under the auspices of the Programs for advanced cardiac therapeutics at the Holy Cross Jim Moran Heart and Vascular Center, brings together the talents of cardiologists Joshua Larned, MD, FACC; Alexander Llanos, MD; Jorge Arturo Flores, MD, FACC; and oncologists Christina Gomez, MD; and Leonard Seigel, MD, to provide specialized care for cancer patients with a history of cardiovascular disease or those who develop cardiac complications.

This innovative program is one of the few in the United States dedicated to addressing the cardiovascular side effects of cancer therapy and maximizing cardiovascular outcomes for cancer survivors.

Program goals:

  • Provide care for patients with a cardiovascular history who now have to undergo cancer treatment, both medical and surgical procedures.
  • Provide care for patients who present with heart failure following traditional treatments associated with cardiac dysfunction including anthracyclines, radiation, and newer agents such as herceptin.
  • Study the potential cardiovascular complications of novel molecular targeted therapies - including arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy, cardiac ischemia, and hypertension - and establish treatment strategies for these complications.

For more information about cardiac toxicity, visit our Cardio-Oncology Clinic page. To make an appointment with our Cardio-Oncology Clinic, contact Kristine Raimondo, MSN, ARNP-BC or Ginger Mastrapa at 954-229-7974.

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Cancer risk assessment, screening and prevention programs are vital to educating people about reducing their chances of developing cancer and assessing the need for intervention. Under the direction of our genetic nurse counselor and the Bienes Cancer Center physicians, our Cancer Risk and Prevention Program is for anyone with cancer or a family history of cancer. The vast majority of participants are women who have or have had breast or ovarian cancer, or are at high risk of developing these two cancers. Click to learn more about Genetic Counseling.

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