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Cancer Nutritionist

Michael & Dianne Bienes Comprehensive Cancer Center - Nutrition

The goal of the oncology dedicated Registered Dietician is to optimize nutrition to each patient by recommending and offering a variety of well-tolerated foods. The nutritionist also educates both patients and their families about changing nutritional needs as they undergo treatment in order to boost the immune system.

The registered dietician assesses our patients by obtaining food preference, adjusting consistencies and textures of foods and making suggestions to physicians regarding improving nutritional status with oral supplements, tube feedings and hyperallmentation.

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Cancer risk assessment, screening and prevention programs are vital to educating people about reducing their chances of developing cancer and assessing the need for intervention. Under the direction of our genetic nurse counselor and the Bienes Cancer Center physicians, our Cancer Risk and Prevention Program is for anyone with cancer or a family history of cancer. The vast majority of participants are women who have or have had breast or ovarian cancer, or are at high risk of developing these two cancers. Click to learn more about Genetic Counseling.

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